How to Select Web Hosting - our tips: (Part 2)

A few important steps to follow when choosing webhosting. By Free Hosting Tips.

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6. Personal email accounts. This is something you will definitely want to have and hence something to check when signing up. A web host should provide you with several email accounts for you to create and personalize. Typically this is very easily done through cPanel by using the "Email Accounts" function. What you will also need to check is whether the web host allows you to modify various email settings such as autoresponding and routing incoming emails. Likewise, you must check whether your email account with the hosting provider could be configured for use in your email software such as MS Outlook.

7. Can you Host Multiple domains? This is something very important for those of you who want to have one web server serving several domains. So essentially you have a dedicated IP address, associated with your web space but different domain names. For example if you want to have a website about computers and one about traveling, both managed under one hosting account (web server) then you need to make sure that the provider has enabled this feature. In most cases this will be a given and you should not have any problems transferring one or more extra domains to your account. You will need to know how to perform the transfer though. This is done either by changing the name server addresses or through some other method like using the EPP code.

8. Dedicated IP address. Every domain name has it's own IP address which is used to identify the server where your website could be found. For example, if you enter in your browser, you will land at Yahoo's home page. Now, if you sign up with a web host that offers shared hosting then your server will share the IP with hundreds or even thousands of other websites. I.e. you don't have a personal designated IP address. This is the reason why you must make sure to ask the web host whether their service is shared and can you eventually upgrade your account to have a personal Dedicated IP address. Be prepared to be charged for this service though.

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Some of the benefits to having a dedicated IP are:

  • Ability to enable SSL Certificates for webmasters interested in eCommerce
  • Eliminate the negative outcomes which other websites sharing your IP might cause by getting blocked or censored by search engines or even specific countries
  • You can view your domain address by typing in the IP. This is useful when your website becomes inaccessible for example during periods of domain name propagation

So, if the amount for having a dedicated IP is not insanely big then we can certainly recommend getting one.

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9. What others say? Probably one of the best ways to find out whether a web host is any good or not is to ask other webmasters who already have or had account with them. Find a web forum dedicated we website hosting or just search Google by "ABC hosting reviews/opinions/rating". You will probbably notice that there is lots of information and personal opinions shared amongs website owners. Web Hositng Talk ( is most definitely one of the prime places to check out. Just register an account with them and post your questions. However, be careful with post replies from hosting company agents who will pursuade you that they provide the best service. Try to find someone who is not biased to any particular web host.

10. Price and payment plans. This might seem pretty obvious for most of you, however, you have no idea how easy it is to overpay for web hosting. There are infinite ways how you can be tricked out of your money without even realising it. Most prices which are advertisied in bright colors and having a "big sale now" tag attached, could in fact be lowered by a lot! Check for special coupon codes or other discount advantages distributed from other related websites. Sometimes you can get as much as 50% off the original advertised price. Type in "ABC hosting discount" into Google and see what comes up.

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However, even if you get a massive decrease for the basic hosting service, then you might realise that you also need to buy domain privacy for an additional annual price. The same applies for having advanced mail functions, SLL Certificates, Dedicated IP's etc. Without realising it your original rather cheap price for having a shared server will grow to something similar to a price people pay for virtual private servers. That's why you need to be extra careful before deciding which company to pay for their hosting services.