How to Make a Website: (Part 2)

A step-by-step guide to starting your very own website. By Free Hosting Tips.

website content

6. Content - the cornerstone of your website. The content which you will eventually add to your newly built site must be educating, informative, entertaining, amusing or all at the same time. The more points you can tick the better! Although advertising can get you a lot of new visitors landing on the site, it is the content that is going to prevent them from leaving instantly. And if the site has good content then many new visitors will return and become a dedicated audience.

Some of the vital key facts to keep in mind when writing content for the site:

  • Make the content site related. Follow a consistent style and don't veer off your set track.
  • Make frequent updates and improvements in new pieces of work. People like to follow current trends and be on top of things.
  • Explore your topic in detail and try to be creative and informative when writing articles or just posts. Find something which has not been previously discussed elsewhere.
  • Don't just limit the website to plain text articles. There are many possibilities to explore and integrate like videos, pictures, music and all sorts of cool gadgets.
  • Involve the readers (visitors) and ask for their feedback. See what people want to know more about and therefore try to cater for their needs. If you get positive comments then don't hesitate to post them on the site to show that your work is appreciated.
  • On the whole, try to make the content friendly and reader focused. Don't be afraid to experiment every once in a while.

7. Upload your website files to a web server. When you have more or less finished working on the articles, pictures, tutorials etc that will form your website content it is time to upload it on your web server for everyone to have a look at. However, before you make the website visible for everyone, it is necessary to make sure that everything is working as it should.

Upload to web server

Your web hosting provider will most likely have provided you with login details for your server that is associated with the domain name. You can gain access to it either through CPanel or an FTP program such as FileZilla. In fact this is the software we use to upload the files to our servers. 

Your web host will most likely have provided details on how to access the server and typically the folder which you need to use for uploading files is located under "www" or "public_HTML". Copy all the web pages including the pictures, videos & other website files to one of these destinations and away you go! If you have done it all correctly and included an index.html (or index.php) then you will most likely see the site in a web browser by typing in the domain name.

When all the files are online, don't forget to test drive all the content which you have just recently uploaded. There will almost certainly be minor (or major) errors with site navigation and/or mistakes in text and usability. A great way of testing your site functionality is to ask your friend to surf around the pages and try out the features your site has to offer. They can afterwards tell you about the errors and problems they found while testing the website.

However, if you hired a professional web designer to create the site for you then he will most likely help you out with such questions as uploading and managing the produced content. (Well at least this is something which should be discussed with the designer before signing any contracts for someone to build a website for you).

8. Let people know about your fresh website. There are unlimited ways of how to achieve this and the methods you follow are completely up to you. What we would most certainly recommend you to do is submit the site to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, However, it is quite likely that Google will find your website automatically and follow your pages assuming you have created valid links throughout the website. It will then store the read content in their database and show up relevant pages when people type in the keywords related to the site. For example, if your site is about PHP scripts and someone types in "PHP scripts" in a search engine, then provided your site becomes very popular, they will see search results pointing to the most relevant page on site related to the topic.

website promotion

Some other ways you can tell people obout your website is to introduce it in relevant web forums, chats and add links to authority directories such as DMOZ. Use social media to advertise some of your articles and simply tell your friends about your creation. Try to promote the web site in a relevant niche and don't go off topic when advertising. Sometimes, very simple banners are also a way to get attention and promote your name in the online community, however be careful these, since if you make a very annoying banner with some "in your face" flashy content then people will tend to disregard these and think of you in a negative way. Hence, approach the topic with style and great caution.

improve website

9. Imrove, improve, improve! Don't forget to constantly improve your work with new and fresh content, tips, artciles and so on. Even if you grow to become the Nr.1 leader in your niche, don't forget that it is very easy to loose popularity and rankings if you don't provide your visitors with high quality updated material. Read blogs related to your content and participate in discussions, try to put yourself in the readers's position and think what would he/she like to see added to the site. Perhaps it might be a good idea to start blogging and ask your audience to participate by adding comments. For example if you write about computers then try to review the newest models, follow the latest gadget trends and add your opinions to see what people think. Sometimes, getting criticized might be a very good way to increase your popularity and let people know that you are involved and active on the market. Creativity is most certainly one popular way to become successful online.

improve website

10. Enjoy it. Although this might sound a bit lame to some of you, but we think that the final and most important tip which we can give you when it comes to starting a website is to try and enjoy the whole process. Usually, the most popular and prosperous websites ever made were created and built from passion and love for their interest. Even if you want to make a site simply for profit, devote some passion to it and within no-time you will simply start loving your work. Don't get us wrong, but seeing a website grow is like watching your kid become bigger day by day and going through the online evolution - nothing beats that!